I love to create real things. I want to make the ideas you have been to scared to do, a reality.  I want to DO the things you have been talking about. Let's capture real, raw emotion. Let's not waste life only dreaming, but let's use this life to do the things that set your soul on fire. Let's not wait till the "right" time. Let's not wait till life gets "calmer." Life is messy, but that's what makes life beautiful and unique. 
     Let's be real, since life is not perfectly consistent, neither am I. I can not describe myself in so many words and put my work into a box. But what I can tell you is that each time I travel to a new place, design a new idea, or create a new photo, it is different. No two people or places are exactly the same, so why should photography be any different?
     My passion is photography. My desire is to capture moments you will treasure: moments that make you feel. I long to capture those wild ideas, travel to those beautiful locations, and DO the crazy things.