Costa Rica 2016

Here I am, almost a month later blogging about this crazy adventure I have returned from. Many people have commented and told me that they never see pictures of me when I got on trips. But thanks to a few of my great friends, they stole my camera and got some great photos of me that I am so thankful to have. 

I was slightly nervous to go on this trip, which was kind of unusual. I was worried about dumb little things like not fitting or not being good enough. But God gave me courage to overcome those fears. I prayed consistently through out this trip for a chance to love others, and be encouraged. And of course, He did. I was able to build and strengthen new and old relationships, be uncomfortable, and teach others. On the flip side I was built up by my team members and the little children squealing my name in excitement as I walked by brought so much joy to me. I saw people come to the Lord for the first time, and it was such a special experience. I am so thankful that God used a trip I was anxious about, to encourage me and those around me. To God be the glory.