The inspiration from this session came while I was in the shower. That's my very favorite place to get ideas. After, I brainstormed with my dad to figure out how to make this happen. We visited the quarry and spent the afternoon playing with smoke and fire and making contraptions so as not to burn ourselves or anything else. A massive team of people came together to make this session happen! This was probably the most intricate session I have done. We had so many people doing so many things. The amazing Courtney Black was our all around assistant who helped everyone out in the best ways. She also was a pro, and ran to get us a lighter when ours went out! Gabi Galvan did the most beautiful job on Allison's makeup! She has so much talent, and I am so thankful she shared it with us! Avishai Galvan was our resident pyrotechnician. She was able to deal with all of the fire and smoke like a pro. And finally, a shout out to Allison Monahan for being a beautiful model!