The Painted Face

A session that started off as two girls experimenting with makeup and lighting rapidly turned into something so much more! 

Whenever I show my dad photos I take he always says, " Great, what's the story?"                              I  will normally give some kind of response that does not make much sense. But once I delivered the images to my model, the photos became so much more precious. She responded with the following: 

" It's kind of amazing what these photos have done! I showed these images to my grandma. Then she showed me a picture from back in the day. A lady had her face painted similar to mine.  She said a represented Black history month in Africa. Back in the day during birthday parties or celebrations they would all paint their faces up and celebrate together each color of paint mean something. It's amazing  that an unknown idea can turn into such an incredible thing! My grandma is going to frame one of the portraits for her house, and place it with  her other  old stuff  that is similar to my face paint. This  is absolutely amazing."

All of a sudden these images have a more depth and meaning then I could ever hope to create.