first off, God is awesome. He was the one who just dropped this trip into my lap and I couldn't be more thankful. 

This whole concept of going to Paris came up when I was skyping my dad; he suggested to see if  I can travel to any nearby countires. After talking with Paola I found out Paris was only 7 hours away by car and 1.5 hours by plane.  We threw around some other ideas of places to go, but the door to go to Paris was wide open. So I took it. My aunt in Germany wired money and  I bought a plane ticket (round trip) to Paris for 117 euros. I was kind of ecstatic.  

I arrived to the airport at 12 pm, only to find out my flight had been delayed. So I came home, slept and ate then was back at the airport around 6pm. Once I was checked in and through security, I found out my flight was delayed to 9:40, then 10:20, so I was given 7 euros for food. 

Erika, a friend of Paola, came to pick me up at 1am. Because of the lateness of the hour we needed to take a taxi back to her flat. She was so generous and let me stay with her for the weekend. She even showed me around the city!  I am so thankful for everyone who was working to keep me safe and readjust plans as the flight was delayed. I just can't give enough thanks to all these people who did so much. 

This weekend was a magical dream, and I can't believe it happened.