Travels //

Man....Germany has been one stretching trip, with many joys and struggles all lumped into one. 

 When the airline lost my bag I thought to myself, "mmmmm.....I guess this is how much I value my temporary things.".....  Growing up in a Christian home I have always heard, that only God can truly satisfy. I mean , I thought I understood it.

Now  jump ahead a few days whole family had a chance to look through my Opa's house and dig for some treasures. I found a box, and as I began to take off the rubber band it completely fell apart in my hand. And that's when it struck me. All of these things that we hold onto ever so carefully will eventually be no more.  And as I looked up from my "deep thought" it all seemed so shallow; quarreling over who gets what. It started to seem ridiculous. Don't get me wrong I love having keepsakes to remember my Opa by, but glorifying God in whatever you do is always more important. This really convicted me, because I struggle so much in this area. So I prayed. I prayed for my family, I prayed for my dad to have wisdom in dealing with all of these things, and I prayed for my attitude towards material things.  Later as I was talking with my uncle he noted my behavior towards life in general by saying, " You live a very very different life than we do."  .... and that was so encouraging. I am amazed at how much peace the Lord has given me.  I LOVE seeing the Lord work,

The Lord has also dumped  many little joys on me.  

such as this little guy ^^^^  Not being able to speak German has made things a little bit tricky, but we have learned to adapt. Every day, approximately 10 times a day without fail we have this little convo:::

Frederick: Halo  

me: halo

 Frederick: My name is Frederick!  

me: wow! no way!

Frederick: I'm ANGRY!.......I'm SCARED.......I'm SAD......I'm HAPPY!

He makes my heart so joyous.


This one LOVES the camera. Can you tell? Since langauge is tricky and google translate is scary the only  option left is lots of smiles, hugs, kisses, and pictures. Annika is just so full of energy.                       

This lovely lady can speak a little English, and whatever we can't communicate through pointing, laughing, acting or broken German and English, google translate is a great companion. 

                                                                                                                                                                                 There is a first time for everything and sometimes that means meeting cousins for the first time. This one was quite the experience. 



Life here in the past week has not been easy....but when the rest of the house got to be too much for us, we escaped for a little dance party and icecream. 

Life is messy, but there are always things to learn and things to be thankful for.....we just have to train our eyes to look for them.