Learning and Reflecting

Learning can be one of the toughest, but most rewarding things in life. Sometimes in order to get a better handle on a concept you just have to mess up. 

On this Tuesday evening I was reflecting just how much I have learned by messing up. A good example is ONE. This is a movie me and my buddies made in an attempt to share the gospel in a non-cheesy fashion. Long story short; we failed....pretty bad. But on the other hand we also learned oodles of valuable lessons such as perseverance, team work, coordinating, do's and don'ts of filming, and that you need this fancy thing called a shot list. Even though this movie didn't turn out like we had envisioned, it was a success because of the learning involved. 

Pushing through the pain of discouragement and frustration can be what sets you apart from others. So keep working through. 

Happy February!