California // part 1

California // part 1

How Jesus brought me to California....."Looking back over this year and remembering the Lord’s faithfulness brings tears to my eyes. Jesus is up to something, and I’m not entirely sure what it is."

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Lilly Sykora // Rooftop

Sneaking into locations, dreamy window light, and white rooms are most definitely at the top of my " favorite things about life" list. 

Model: @lilysykora

City: Charleston

Location scout: @bradmelnytskyy

Dress: Anthropologie

Sandals: Chloe

Avishai // Cranberries + Christmas

There is just something about the Christmas season that gets me all giddy inside. I absolutely love curling up by the window, and drinking a warm drink and creating art while Christmas music fills the air.  This set of photos was inspired by these feels.  Also, shoutout to Avi for going along with my crazy ideas and being so beautiful! Love you girl!

Angelica + Jon

I wanna give a shoutout to Sophie Brendle ( for putting this beautiful styled shoot together! I loved tagging along, and learning from her! She is the sweetest and I am so blessed to know her! 

Zach + Marley // in - home

Since moving to Anderson Marley has welcomed me in right away. She is the sweetest with such a beautiful servant's heart. One morning she came and picked me up for church and took me out to breakfast to get to know me and talk about life. Marley and Zach are seriously one of the cutest couples I have ever met. I was so stoked when they loved the idea of letting me come into their home to capture their love. 



Live Fashionable

     Instagram is probably my all time favorite app right now. I am consistently blown away that an app can connect all types of people who may have otherwise never had the chance to meet.  

     Recently I was able to connect with Fashionable, a global organization who seeks to, create jobs for women in developing countries to begin to solve the problem of poverty. This organization and business plan really impacted me and I was absolutely thrilled to be able to capture a few of the beautiful products made by women all over the globe. 

    This little project really fired me up to find other opportunities to help women overcome, and the Lord provided. I am so excited to begin announcing a new adventure I will be embarking on during Summer 2017, and I could not be more excited! 

Make sure you check out Fashionable and their stunning products.

Hikes + Sparklers

      When people come together with the express purpose of building friendships and creating art, magic happens. Each of these people are gifted in such unique ways, and I am so blessed to be friends with people who are consistently encouraging each other to grow to be your best self. 

      One Friday afternoon we drove thirty minutes and parked on the side of a road to follow a little trail. After about a tiny 10 minute hike we came to a quarry with the best PNW vibes you can find here in the upstate. THEN close to sunset we broke out the fun stuff: smoke bombs, firefly lights, and sparklers. It was absolute magical. It was one of those moments where you just stood there soaking in everything: the sounds, sights, and smells.  I am so thankful to have the gift of life where I can experience these little blessings. 


   In the past two months almost everything that I'm used to has changed. It has been a whirlwind, and I am just now getting to the point where I can begin to tell you a small part of what has happened in my life during these last months.

    High school seems so distant, but at the same time it feels like just yesterday I was sitting in class dreaming about the new adventures I would go on, new people I would meet, and new cultures I would get to experience. Now, 6 months later here I am: adventuring, meeting some of the best people, and being immersed in the southern culture.  

   In this time I have had some of my highest highs and lowest lows. I have stood on the tops of mountains, looked at stars, and traveled to some beautiful cities with the best of people. But I have also shed more tears than I even thought was possible. Trying to figure out life is not as simple as I would hope. I still have insecurities still plague me each day and feelings of loneliness are not as distant as I would like. But through it all, Jesus is here and he is still sovereign.  He is teaching me SO much right now and I am so excited to see Him working in my life and answering prayers every single day. 

    This season of life is bringing something new every day, and I am so thankful for it. I am learning to be content and embrace the now while working hard to prepare for the future. I am so thankful for all the support and encouragement you have given me. <3 

     These are some of my most favorite photos from my adventures here. But remember, these photos are only a small snapshot of my life, and not my whole life. In between these moments there are tears and laughter, confusion and successes, and a whole other array of feelings and events. 


The inspiration from this session came while I was in the shower. That's my very favorite place to get ideas. After, I brainstormed with my dad to figure out how to make this happen. We visited the quarry and spent the afternoon playing with smoke and fire and making contraptions so as not to burn ourselves or anything else. A massive team of people came together to make this session happen! This was probably the most intricate session I have done. We had so many people doing so many things. The amazing Courtney Black was our all around assistant who helped everyone out in the best ways. She also was a pro, and ran to get us a lighter when ours went out! Gabi Galvan did the most beautiful job on Allison's makeup! She has so much talent, and I am so thankful she shared it with us! Avishai Galvan was our resident pyrotechnician. She was able to deal with all of the fire and smoke like a pro. And finally, a shout out to Allison Monahan for being a beautiful model! 


Hannah // 90s grunge

Hannah is such a beautiful human. She knows how to work the camera like nobody's business.  Aurora, Hannah, and I went to this amazing parking garage in the center of downtown Minneapolis at dusk last Sunday afternoon. Let me just tell you, it was magic. Dancing and laughing with music blasting was precious. Hannah killed this session. Shout out to Aurora ( ) for putting this session together! 

Model: Hannah ( @hannahmixter ) 

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Madi // 70s Glam

Being part of a community that encourages, supports, and helps you succeed is a beautiful gift. Recently I have had the privilege of meeting so many new friends within the creative industry. It has been full days full of creating new ideas, laughing till you can't feel your sides anymore, and of course lots of coffee.

Last Friday I ventured to Minneapolis to spend the weekend creating with the amazing Aurora Peterson <3 She's an absolute doll, and she taught me so many great little tricks. ( Check her talent out here,   

On  Monday Aurora set up a 70s glam styled shoot with the amazing Madi Reimer. ( )  We took the 70s feel to the laundromat and had an absolute blast.

Location: Joe's Market,  St. Paul, MN

Model: Madi Reimer ( )

Makeup: Emily Bettenga Makeup (

New Spaces

It all started at about 3 am when Avishai and I were sitting up late giggling and talking about life. We had this amazing idea to turn her tiny, cluttered, dark bedroom into a beautiful bright space. After lots of brainstorming we came up with some great ideas. Next we spent our Saturday morning together going to rummage sale after rummage sale to pick up some stunning pieces. After, we went to Menards to pick up some last minute equipment. For under $100 and a whole lot of sweat, we completely transformed her bedroom into a space she loves to be in. 

This was such a fun project for me because it got me so excited about my new major, Interior Design. I was able to learn new things about the practical side of installing new features, and being resourceful on a small budget. The feel of this room is modern and cozy, which is my personal favorite.  I also was able to spend some beautiful quality time with Avi which was so precious.

                           Before                                                                        After

                           Before                                                                        After


A few months ago I was driving home, and I passed the cutest laundromat. That's when the ideas began to flow rapidly. After finagling schedules and perfecting the idea I was able to take Ruben and Zowie to the laundromat to grab some beautiful images! We blasted music and had so many great laughs.  After we decided it would be a great idea to get Ruben's german shepherd and bring her in my little was quite the fun adventure for sure! 

Costa Rica 2016

Here I am, almost a month later blogging about this crazy adventure I have returned from. Many people have commented and told me that they never see pictures of me when I got on trips. But thanks to a few of my great friends, they stole my camera and got some great photos of me that I am so thankful to have. 

I was slightly nervous to go on this trip, which was kind of unusual. I was worried about dumb little things like not fitting or not being good enough. But God gave me courage to overcome those fears. I prayed consistently through out this trip for a chance to love others, and be encouraged. And of course, He did. I was able to build and strengthen new and old relationships, be uncomfortable, and teach others. On the flip side I was built up by my team members and the little children squealing my name in excitement as I walked by brought so much joy to me. I saw people come to the Lord for the first time, and it was such a special experience. I am so thankful that God used a trip I was anxious about, to encourage me and those around me. To God be the glory. 

Bare Cakery

Okay, guys.....Rebecca Reese made the most gorgeous cake and cupcakes for my graduation party this past Saturday! I loved them so much that I couldn't help but take a million photos of them! Rebecca is one of the sweetest girls you will EVER meet! She is so beautiful, creative, polite, funny, and passionate about life and her business. You should definitely get a cake from her and experience the creativity and deliciousness for yourself! 

  Go give her some love at OR

Unlock Hope // Spring 2016

I love photography, but fashion photography holds a very special place in my heart. I absolutely love to work with so many people to create an amazing final image! A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to work with Unlock Hope (go check them out on insta, @unlockhope .) and a stunning model from Chicago, also named Bekah (@therabekah .) It was such a neat experience to play a small role in an organization who is doing great things over in Uganda! 

Avishai //

Avishai, is one of the most beautiful human beings to grace this planet. She is the sweetest thing ever. Gabby, her sister, is also stunning and ridiculously talented. Together, we pulled off one of my most favorite sessions to date. I think I say every session is my most favorite right after I finish it, but this one was seriously rad..... Thank you girls, for using your talents to make this session a success!!

Model: Avishai Galvan (read.a.holic)

Makeup/ Hair: Gabi Galvan (gabi_joy10) 

Bailey + Jose

Man....this couple was on FIRE! They were incredible models and they love each other so sweetly. I had such a fun time capturing their love in this home. <3 Capturing intimate love is one of my favorite things to do. ever. Hands down. Thanks Bailey and Jose for being amazing. 

Emily // lifestyle

Emily is absolutely stunning, and I was so excited to spend our morning together grabbing these frames. I love the delicate and early morning feel these exude. Also, the Illinois weather, was being rather psychotic outside and changing from sunshine to snow during the whole session. (I know kinda hard to believe, but yes, it happened)  So, that made the lighting quite funny, but we took some of my favorite images to date! <3